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Dyno Runs


Before I embarked on a whole load of modifications, I wanted to do a baseline power run on the car. After all, with the amount of money I was investing in the project, I wanted to make sure I was getting something in return! :)

I decided to use a dyno that had a proven track record with Mustangs and will do all the power runs on the same road. So to kick things off, I made my way to Powerstation in Tewksbury to get a baseline run in.

My Mustang on the rollers for the first time Initial results are very encouraging :)

Now it's common practice to manufacturers to be fairly liberal with their quoted power figures, but it seems that Ford are pretty conservative with the Mustang. Standard power is supposed to be 300hp (that's US hp), but my first run - done with a shade over 1k miles on the odometer, showed a healthy 327.5bhp (corrected figure) with 245.7bhp at the wheels. Not bad at all! Need to liberate some more ponies from the engine and get more of them to the back wheels.

Let the modding commence! :)